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YES! I want to help protect animals in Minnesota.  

Thank you for caring about animals and for supporting our mission — to protect animals and help prevent animal cruelty by modernizing the animal law enforcement system in Minnesota. Your gift can be tax deductible or not tax deductible, depending on what organization you choose to support below.

If you'd like to make your gift in honor or in memory of a person or animal, the links below allow you to do so.


Animal Folks (AF) is a research-based, animal protection organization that works on systemic reform (i.e., developing training, processes, resources) to help improve the enforcement of animal laws. Animal Folks also files animal cruelty complaints and conducts research on animal issues. As a 501c3 nonprofit, donations are tax deductible. To donate, click donate button below.

To donate to Animal Folks (tax deductible), CLICK HERE (AF).


Animal Folks Minnesota - Legislative Action (AFMN) is the legislative arm of Animal Folks. AFMN-Legislative Action works to protect animals in Minnesota through legislative action (i.e., introduction and support of humane bills, lobbying), education, and advocacy. As a 501c4 nonprofit, this means donations to AFMN-Legislative Action are not tax deductible.

To donate to AFMN - Legislative Action (not tax deductible), CLICK HERE (AFMN).



If you would prefer to mail your donation, please send check to: 
Animal Folks OR Animal Folks Minnesota- Legislative Action  

1043 Grand Avenue #115, St. Paul, Minnesota 55105   
Please specify Animal Folks (research) or Animal Folks Minnesota-Legislative Action (advocacy).



Thank you for joining us and your commitment to animals.



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