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THANK YOU! It was Give To The Max day on November 13 in Minnesota. Thanks to generous donors, Animal Folks placed number 2 for small nonprofits for most funds raised. To learn more and donate: Animal Folks

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• NEWS: On October 20. 2014, the Court of Appeals affirmed the conviction of dog breeder Dayna Bell (found guilty of 13 felony counts of animal cruelty). Read more: Dog Breeder-Dayna Bell

• MN ELECTION RESULTS: To find election results for the November 4 election, including federal and state legislators and local officials (i.e., sheriffs, county attorneys, judges, etc.), go to: MN Elections

• NOV. 24 SPEAKER FORUM: Thank you to all who attended our seminar to hear Dr. Franklin McMillan talk about "The Harmful Effects of Puppy Mills on Breeding Dogs and Their Puppies." It was a great success! For details and links to Dr. Frank's studies and materials: Speaker Forum

• ACTION: If you know of or suspect a dog or cat breeder who may require a breeder license, report it: Report It

• BREEDER LAW: The MN Dog and Cat Breeder Regulation Bill was signed into law on May 20, 2014 by Governor Mark Dayton. The law became effective as of July 1, 2014. Learn more: Dog and Cat Breeder Regulation

• NEWS: On January 15, 2014, the USDA license of Kenneth Schroeder (dog dealer) in Wells, MN, was revoked by the USDA. Schroeder has been operating for decades as a random source dog dealer buying and selling dogs to medical and educational institutions. READ: CONSENT DECISION and COMPLAINT

• NEWS: Learn how cruelty complaints against one dog breeder in Pine River led to an investigation and the seizure of over 130 dogs/puppies: Breeder - Rowell

• NEWS: The USDA has revised the definition of "retail pet store" in the Animal Welfare Act to close the loophole for those who sell dogs and other pet animals over the Internet. LEARN MORE: AWA Licensing

PET STORES : The role of pet stores. READ: Pet Stores


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