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Animals make us better humans

We’re Minnesotans. This is our State and we care about what happens within our communities — to animals as well as to people.

Our passion and focus are for animals because we believe animal neglect and cruelty are still common and even acceptable by some.

Our fight for animals, however, is not just about animals. This is about human behavior, and how we, as people, view and treat other species — humanely or inhumanely. We believe Minnesotans know what is right, and want to take action.


Our mission and vision

Animal neglect and cruelty have been happening for centuries. We don’t expect to change attitudes about animals overnight, but we’re at least going to try and provoke discussion.

We believe animal neglect and cruelty are cultural problems (i.e., beliefs and behaviors by individuals) and institutional problems (i.e., outdated systems and processes governing animals at state and local levels).

Our mission: To protect animals and prevent animal cruelty by creating a modern system of animal law enforcement in Minnesota.

Core to this mission is system reform — we assess what is needed systemically to develop innovative and sustainable reforms for the improved enforcement of animal law and prevention of animal cruelty in Minnesota.

To achieve the above, Animal Folks focuses on five core programs:

• Animal Cruelty Research

We collect data on animal cruelty issues and cases, and define problems associated with animal neglect and cruelty in Minnesota.  

• Civil and Criminal Justice Program

We file civil and criminal (cruelty) complaints and build relationships with local and state authorities throughout Minnesota.

• Animal Law Resources

We develop training programs, processes, forms and other resources for use by authorities in the investigation and enforcement of animal law.

• Legislative Action

We write and support state and local laws that provide humane treatment of animals. Includes lobbying and advocacy. 

• Outreach and Education

We provide information and education about animal cruelty and actions through websites, literature, and booths at events.

Click for a copy of the 2016 Animal Folks Annual Report.

Click for a copy of the 2015 Animal Folks Annual Report.


Animal Folks (AF) is a 501c3 animal protection organization. Donations are tax-deductible.




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