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EVENT: National Link Coalition

The National Link Coalition held their annual meeting on June 28, 2016. The work of the Coalition focuses on the link between animal abuse, elder abuse, domestic abuse and child maltreatment. Learn more about the link at National Link Coalition.

Animal Folks was asked to present our Veterinary Manual for Reporting Annual Cruelty at this meeting. We were pleased to do so; members of the Coalition had kindly provided data and expertise for the manual.


EVENT: National Sheriff Conference

Animal Folks and AFMN attended the National Sheriff Conference held in Minneapolis, MN from July 24 to 29. Our booth displayed and provided information about animal cruelty and "how to" materials for enforcement of Minnesota animal laws.

Our team spoke with multiple sheriffs in MN and throughout the nation, many of whom had handled animal cruelty cases and understood the severity of these crimes.


EVENT: Canine Carnival

Animal Folks MN attended the Canine Carnival on June 11, sponsored by the Wildlife Science Center in Columbus, MN. We had a booth with anti-cruelty materials and merchandise.

Both wild and domestic dogs were celebrated. Amazing dog demos in agility, herding, K9 units and more were there! It was a wonderful, hot sunny day.




Animal Folks hosted a screening of the documentary Dog By Dog at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul. Thank you to everyone who attended!

This compelling film, created by 5414 Productions, Inc., takes a look at the commercial dog breeding industry and follows the money trail that allows it to continue and thrive.

Link to Dog By Dog website with trailer: Dog By Dog Documentary

Ann Olson, Executive Director of Animal Folks, was also part of the panel discussion on June 12th when the film was shown in Iowa.

Film Description

How is it that mass commercial dog breeding facilities are allowed to continue to operate legally? The complexity of the issue means there's no easy answer. To fully understand why commercial breeding facilities continue to thrive, we must look behind the scenes.

The documentary Dog By Dog provides an educational view of how big money and big agriculture have influenced what laws do and don't get passed to regulate the industry.

The film focuses on interviews with prominent animal advocates, organization leaders, and individuals who have been affected by commercial dog breeding and have worked hard to protect animals in or from these kennels.

Following the film, there was a 30 minute panel discussion. Panelists included:

• Moderator: Louise Dobbe

• Chris Grimes, Director of Dog By Dog documentary

• Ann Olson, Executive Director, Animal Folks and AFMN-Legislative Action

• Mary LaHay, Executive Director, Iowa Voters for Companion Animals and Iowa Friends of Companion Animals

• Bob Baker, Executive Director, Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation

• Reese Frederickson, Pine County Attorney


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