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Peaceful protests of pet stores that sell live animals are proving to be effective in raising awareness about animal abuse and how animals are bought and sold.



In Minnesota, there have been protests outside pet stores that sell puppies and kittens obtained from commercial dog and cat breeders who mass-produce animals.

Animal Folks MN believes that selling puppies and kittens through pet stores is a dated and cruel business model that must be changed. This type of retail encourages the mass production of puppies and kittens, where thousands of adult dogs and cats are kept caged their entire lives to be bred repeatedly.

Purchases at these type of stores must decrease for business behaviors to change. Consumers must become aware of the problem. Protests help create awareness.

Please be aware that permits are needed. Protests against the Petland store in St. Paul, Minnesota (the Shakopee Petland closed) are organized by Minnesotans Exposing Petland. Check their Facebook page for days, times and locations.

To learn more about pet store conditions and MN pet stores, go to pet stores.



The following are links to artwork for photocards that can be downloaded, printed and distributed. Each is a 8.5 x 11 sheet designed with four cards to the page. Recommend printing on 65# stock; allow for white border around each when cut.



To print posters for a protest, click on links below for artwork. Each poster is 18 inches x 24 inches. Color. Recommend professional printing. Once printed, each needs to be mounted on foam board or cardboard.



Animal Planet aired a special called Animal Planet Investigates: Petland. "Mike," an undercover investigator, investigates Petland's alleged sale of puppies from "puppy mills." He discovers a long list of possible violations and inhumane practices at breeders.

• Press release: Undercover Operation Reveals Polluted Breeding Conditions

• Article: Not Pretty: Animal Planet Investigates Petland



NOTE: If you are aware of other pet stores in Minnesota that sell live animals and do not provide proper care, email with the store's name and address.



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