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Investigating and prosecuting cases of animal cruelty can be complex due to the fact that the victim is a living, sentient being and an extended team of qualified people is needed.

There are various organizations throughout the United States that offer training in animal cruelty, animal forensics, crime scene investigation and evidence collection, etc.

A multi-disciplinary approach

Animal Folks believes in a multi-disciplinary approach to training. All authorities and stakeholders, including sheriff offices, police departments, prosecutors, judges, veterinarians, humane agents, animal control officers and others who assist in the enforcement of animal law, required training.

Animal Folks is creating and organizing training targeted to the groups above. To view training and materials for Minnesota veterinarians, go to: Training - Veterinarians

Other courses, webinars and forms:

• ASPCA Professional

Animal Cruelty Resource Library: Webinars and Forms

• University of Missouri

National Animal Cruelty Investigations School

• NACA: National Animal Control Association

NACA 100 Training Academy

• Wisconsin

Humane Officer Training and Continuing Education

• Veterinary Forensics

This website has links to other references, books and resources.

Veterinary: Forms for eveidence collection

• University of Florida

ASPCA Veterinary Forensic Sciences Program

• NDAA: National District Attorneys Association

National Center for Prosecution of Animal Abuse: Training and Webinars

• APA: Association of Prosecuting Attorneys

Animal Cruelty and Animal Fighting

• ALDF: Animal Legal Defense Fund

Criminal Justice Program


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