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Animal Humane Society

The Animal Humane Society (AHS, headquartered in Golden Valley, Minnesota) is a private, nonprofit organization. It has two full-time, paid humane agents who serve all of Minnesota and parts of the Upper Midwest. In addition to Humane Investigations, the AHS also operates five open admission shelters.

The AHS Investigations Division receives approximately thousands of service calls a year, a majority of which are for animal neglect or cruelty involving companion animals, livestock and wildlife.

Contact an investigator with the Animal Humane Society: 763-489-2235


Minnesota Federated Humane Society

The Minnesota Federated Humane Societies (MFHS) is a private, nonprofit organization that also investigates reports of animal cruelty and neglect, using volunteers. MFHS trains and appoints volunteer State Humane Agents to serve Minnesota’s 87 counties.

MFHS exists through legislative enactment. Minn. Stat. 343.01-.40 (2004) “Its purpose is to assist in the enforcement of the laws for the prevention of wrongs to animals; . . . to aid [district and county humane] societies and agents in the enforcement of the laws for the prevention of wrongs to animals which may now or hereafter exist, and to promote the growth of education and sentiment favorable to the protection of animals.”

Minnesota Federated Humane Society
1-877-8ANIMAL (1-877-826-4625)


Other local humane societies

Due to limited resources, most other humane agencies in Minnesota act primarily as shelters or rescues and do not have paid investigation divisions; however, most shelters can direct you to the right person. To find a local shelter in Minnesota, try the link below. (NOTE: Not all animal shelters in Minnesota are licensed. Review each carefully.)


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