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Elections: State of Minnesota

The outcome of elections can influence what bills get heard and ultimately voted on at the Minnesota Legislature by Senators and Representatives, as well as what bills get signed into law (by the Governor).

New legislators will impact animal issues at the state and federal levels.

Local government can also impact how animals are treated. From city council members and county commissioners who pass local ordinances to County Sheriffs who investigate cruelty complaints to County Attorneys who charge and prosecute cases, those elected to local government also guide the treatment of animals.

The links below are to the MN Secretary of State website for election dates and results. Easy to view; displays federal, state and local results.

Minnesota Secretary of State — Elections and Voting information

Minnesota Secretary of State: General Election

Minnesota Secretary of State website: Voter Resource


Specific links:

MN Governor & Lt Governor (DFL): Mark Dayton and Tina Smith


U.S. Congressional Races

Minnesota House of Representatives: Election November 4, 2014



In Minnesota, the caucus for political parties was held March 1, 2016. For further information about caucuses go to the "Precinct Caucus " tool on the Secretary of State's website below. Links to all parties, including Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian and other, are on this website. Just type in your address, and your caucus location will be displayed. NOTE: Caucus locations may not be the same as voting locations.

Caucus Finder Tool

In addition to voting for candidates, resolutions on a specific issue can be presented at a caucus for a vote. Below are Resolution forms for the DFL and the Republican parties. For all parties, check individual websites.

DFL (Democrat) Resolution form

GOP (Republican) Resolution form

Platforms for the two major political parties are below:

DFL (Democrat) platform

GOP (Republican) platform


Redistricting: Minnesota

Every ten years following the Census, political districts are redrawn to ensure fair representation based on the new population of each district. Links below show the new political districts and offer further explanation:

• Minnesota Secretary of State: Redistricting

• MPR: Map: Redistricting Minnesota

• MN District Finder: Find your current legislator

Just type in your address on this link to find your legislators and district






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