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The Minnesota Board of Animal Health (BAH) "manages voluntary and mandatory programs that focus on controlling and eradicating animal disease in Minnesota's domestic animal populations" (per BAH website). The State Veterinarian heads up the Board of Animal Health.

625 Robert St N

St. Paul, MN  55155

General: 651-296-2942
1-800-627-3529 (TTY)


NEW AUTHORITY: Commercial Dog and Cat Breeder Law

The MN Dog and Cat Breeder Bill was signed into law on May 20, 2014. This law granted authority to the MN Board of Animal Health to register and license commercial dog and cat breeders who meet the definition per the law, and to also conduct inspections, enforce animal care standards and impose penalties (on those who violate the law). If you suspect or know of a breeder who may need to be licensed, contact the Board of Animal Health at 651-201-6810.

Dog and Cat Division on the BAH website:

NOTE: The Board also enforces the MN Kennel Law for those entities that meet the definition of that law; i.e., animal shelters that accept stray animals.


Certificates of Veterinary Inspection

The Board of Animal Health is responsible for receiving all Certificates of Inspection from Veterinarians for animals transported across state lines. All breeders who sell and then ship animals to other states must have their veterinarian inspect each animal for contagious diseases. The veterinarian must then sign and submit the certificate to the B.A.H. It is illegal to transport an animal across state lines without this certificate. (Some exceptions apply per the Rules.)


Diseased animals

Per MN Statute 35.92, the Board of Animal Health has been given the authority to enforce Minnesota Statute 35 Animal Health. Per MN Statute 35.05, a person who "knows or reasonably suspects that a contagious or infectious disease exists in a domestic animal shall immediately notify the board." Per MN Statute 35.93, the Board may take administrative action, such as "investigate and issue a written cease and desist, stop-sale, stop-use, or removal order or other remedial action to the owner, custodian, or other responsible party."

• For a general list of infectious dog diseases, go to: Dog Diseases






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