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There are businesses that support breeding facilities in the sale of dogs and cats. These businesses are known as pet wholesalers, or also referred to as animal brokers.

Some breeding facilities, for instance, only breed; some facilities breed and broker animals (i.e., they act as  the "middleman," selling to pet stores or buying from auctions); and some companies don't breed at all and only deal or broker the sale.

These differences matter as it determines what type of USDA license is required. Brokers of dogs and/or cats require a Class B license. (Class B licensees can breed, broker, or both.)

Below are further definitions of other licensees:

USDA-APHIS: Guidelines for Dealers, Exhibitors, Transporters, and Researchers

Animal brokers are a key component to the sale of puppies, kittens, dogs and cats.


The nation's largest distributor

Hunte Corporation is one of the country's largest distributors of factory-produced puppies. Many Minnesota commercial breeding facilities (USDA licensed) sell to the Hunte Corporation, who then sells and ships the puppies to pet stores throughout the United States. For more information about the Hunte Corporation, click on the links below:

• The Hunte Corporation - official website

• The Hunte Corporation - A Commercial Puppy Broker


Dealers in Minnesota licensed by the USDA-APHIS

The federal government licenses certain dog and cat breeders and brokers. Below is a list of brokers in Minnesota licensed by the USDA-APHIS under a Class B license — who breed and/or broker dogs or cats. (Class A is not listed below.)

NOTE: Due to the recent rule change by the USDA that now requires breeders who sell retail (i.e., over the Internet, via phone, etc. — sight unseen) to obtain a USDA license, the list below may change. As additional licensee names are posted by the USDA, we will post them below.

List below can be found at:  List of USDA-licensed dealers in Minnesota

NOTE: "Cancelled" means the owner cancelled his or her USDA license — but this person may still be breeding and selling. A USDA license is not required if the animals are sold directly to consumers and the consumer can "see" the animal prior to purchase. See

AWA Licensing - Retail Pet Store for further details and explanations.


USDA License #

(Class B)


Doing Business As

City/County Notes

MN 41-B-0226


License started:

Sept. 24, 2003

Bakken, Kevin/

Awesome Exotics

Kenyon/ Goodhue County

Sells exotic animals; has been known to sell dogs

MN 41-B-0262


License started:

March 16, 2010

(formerly owned by Toenges Enterprises)

Fulton, Patrick/

Fulton Enterprises


Freeborn County

Acts mainly as a broker of puppies; one of largest dog brokers in Minnesota

MN 41-B-0252


License started:

May 15, 2007

Had a Class A (breeder) license prior to 2007

Jouwstra, Mike/

Jouwstra Kennels


Pipestone County

Breeds, brokers and sells dogs

MN 41-B-0190


License started (for this kennel):

May 30, 1997

Kretzman, Wanda/

Clearwater Kennels


Morrison County

Breeds, brokers and sells dogs; is the largest breeder/broker in Minnesota with over 1,000 dogs/puppies. Kretzman is the ex-wife of Gary McDuffee, and they had co-owned a kennel together.

MN 41-B-0081


License started:

Jan. 02, 1960

Menning, Ron/

Menning Enterprises, Inc.


Pipestone County

One of the largest dog breeders/brokers in Minnesota; sells to multiple pet stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and South Dakota

MN 41-B-0263


on 8-11-14

License started:

July 19, 2010

(formerly operated as Bark Ave under different license, which started in January 1960)

Riewer, Cindy/

C & T Kennels 


Otter Tail County

Was one of the largest brokers in northern Minnesota; sold primarily to MN pet stores, such as Four Paws & A Tail in Blaine, MN

MN 41-B-0268


on 9-23-14

License started:

May 17, 2012 (formerly had a breeder Class A license 41-A-0025; cancelled that and switched to a Class B broker license)

Rowell, Deb

Country Pride Kennels

(also owns a horse boarding/riding stable)

Pine River/

Cass County

Animal cruelty complaints filed against this breeder per Minnesota law. In July 2013, 133 dogs and puppies seized from her kennel by the Cass County Sheriff Office. Nine charges were filed by the Cass County Attorney. Deborah Rowell pleaded guilty to one count. Animals not returned to the kennel; adopted to new homes. (But no conditions placed in plea agreement prohibiting access to animals or further breeding. This facility continues to breed and sell dogs.) For further details: ROWELL

MN 41-B-0017


on 1-15-14

License started:

Jan. 02, 1960

Schroeder, Ken

Wells/ Faribault County

Bred, brokered and sold dogs — majority of his puppies/dogs sold to medical and research facilities in Minnesota, Wisconsin and other states

MN 41-B-0161


License started:

Jan. 02, 1960


Swenson, Sherrye


Cass County

Breeds, brokers and sells dogs

MN 41-B-0155


License started:

June 11, 1996

Wensmann, Gerry and Angie/ Highdarling Cattery


Stearns County

Breeds, brokers and sells dogs and cats

MN 41-B-0270


License started again as of April 11, 2013

Cancelled MN 41-B-0257

License started:

July 24, 2008; cancelled license on August 1, 2012

Har Mar Pet Stop Inc. St. Paul Pet store. Has USDA license because store sells exotic pet animals. Types of animals per USDA inspection: hedgehogs, kittens, puppies, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and eastern cottontail rabbits




A few recent cancellations and revocations are noted above.

The names below have cancelled their USDA Class B license; however, they can (and some do) still breed dogs or cats and sell retail.




NOTE: Some Class B breeders/brokers listed as cancelled below may still sell retail (a USDA license is only required to sell wholesale); we do not have verification of who does and does not still breed/sell for retail

MN 41-B-0259



Sept. 30, 2009

Barlow, Anson/

Silver Top Breeders LLC


MN 41-B-0159


License started:

Jan. 02, 1960;

License was terminated; then cancelled August 16, 2010; then permanently revoked September 2011

Bauck, Kathy/

Puppy On Wheels/

Pick Of The Litter

New York Mills Convicted of animal torture; continued breeding and selling dogs without USDA license (USDA license only needed to sell wholesale); license permanently revoked — allowed to keep only 6 dogs total. For further details: BAUCK

MN 41-B-0265


as of 12/13/13

License started: Jan. 03, 2011 (see notes); cancelled USDA license on January 17, 2013

Bell, Dayna/

Bell's Kennels


Bred, brokered and sold dogs. In April 2012, Dayna Bell was charged with multiple counts of felony animal cruelty by the Dakota County Attorney (MN). Trial held week of November 4, 2013. On November 8, the jury found Dayna Bell guilty of 13 counts of felony animal cruelty. Appealed. Court of Appeals affirmed conviction. Appealed to the Supreme Court denied to hear the case. For further details:


MN 41-B-0256


License started:

May 21, 2008;

cancelled Jun 01, 2009

Bjornson, Linda/

LKB Kennels


MN 41-B-0205


Cancelled November 2007

Bonsetter, Julie/

Bonsetter Kennels


MN 41-B-0218


License started:

Dec. 17, 2002;

cancelled Jan. 22, 2009

Buehl, Jean/

Furry Friends


MN 41-B-0073


Cancelled April 2008

Crume, Stanley/

Minnesota Pet Breeders / Crume Kennels Puppyland


Still breeds and sells dogs through retail. Website:

MN 41-B-0255


License started:

Jan. 03, 2008;

cancelled Feb. 17, 2009

Culver, Kimberly/

K & G Pets

Coon Rapids  

Mn 41-B-0241


License started:

April 11, 2005;

cancelled April 16, 2009

Jurgenson, Ross/

Jurgenson Kennels


MN 41-B-0240


License started:

Jan. 26, 2005;

cancelled Feb. 01, 2011

McAllister, Linda/



MN 41-B-0246


License started:

Sept. 17, 2009;

cancelled Jan. 26, 2010

Murdoff, Larry Kent  

MN 41-B-0005


License started:

Jan. 02, 1060; cancelled July 19, 2010; obtained new license under C&T Kennel

Riewer, Cindy/

Bark Ave.

Perham Changed name to C & T Kennels. See above. Cancelled USDA license.

MN 41-B-0258


License started:

Aug. 07, 2008;

cancelled August 16, 2011

Special T Pets North Branch  

MN 41-B-0133


License started:

Jan. 02, 1960; cancelled May 3, 2011

Susalski, Mary Ann/ Fletcher Creek Kennel Little Falls Was one of the largest dealers/breeders in Minnesota with 1,000+ dogs/puppies; cancelled her USDA license and gave animals to rescue groups. Website was

MN 41-B-0049

Cancelled (but see notes);

License started:

Jan. 02, 1960;

cancelled Jan 15, 2010; but kennel sold to Patrick Fulton

Toenges, Lynn/

Toenges Enterprises

Alden Was one of the largest dog brokers in Minnesota. This company was purchased by Patrick Fulton so continues to operate but under a new license and new ownership.

MN 41-B-0084


License started:

Jan. 02, 1960;

cancelled Sept. 08, 2010

Biessman, Melvin and Beverly/

Bow Wow Village


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