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In Minnesota, dogs and cats are legally defined as property. This definition has created an industry where certain breeders, working with auctioneers, brokers, pet stores and others, view dogs and cats as products to be mass produced and sold for profit. This mass production results in harm to animals.



History: Commercial dog and cat breeding
Commercial dog and cat breeding got its start in the 1940s. It’s concentrated in the Midwest.

Pet trade industry
The pet trade industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with a sophisticated distribution system, profiting many players. The industry continues to grow.

Harm to animals
Animals can suffer physically and psychologically due to inhumane conditions in puppy mills and excessive breeding and confinement.

Harm to communities
Large-scale commercial breeding facilities can place an encomous burden on communities that must monitor kennels and enforce the laws.

Beliefs & Attitudes
Beliefs and attitudes about how animals should be treated and "their use in business" varies widely in Minnesota. 

Failure of government
Government has failed to protect the animals with puppy and kitten mills. While federal, state and local laws exist, authorities are limited in training, knowledge about and resources for this issue.



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