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Below are links that provide additional information about puppy mills, rehabilitation of puppy mill dogs, licensing and regulation, and other issues of importance.


Information and resources:

ASPCA: Puppy Mill Resources

ASPCA: No Pet Store Puppies

Best Friends Animal Society: Puppy Mill Resources

Best Friends Animal Society: Understanding and Caring for Dogs Rescued from Puppy Mills

Best Friends Animal Society: Getting Help With a Dog From a Puppy Mill

HSUS: Puppy Mill Resources

ASPCA Rehabilitation

CAPS: Puppy Mill FAQ


Licensing and regulatory information:

UPDATE: In February 2017, the USDA removed animal welfare documents from its website. In August 2017, the USDA rolled out a "refined" website with some animal welfare documents. Much of the data, such as breeder/dealer names, addresses, and license numbers, has been redacted. See below.

USDA - New APHIS Compliance Database and Search Tool

USDA: Complaint process

USDA: FOIA process

MN Board of Animal Health: Commercial Dog and Cat Breeder Program

MN Board of Animal Health: List of state licensed facilities

Animal Welfare Act: Regulations and Standards

Animal Welfare Act Enforcement




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